Food: Eleven Delicious Japanese Dinners

Are you into Japanese food? For me, it rates top of the list closely followed by Indian and Malaysian and Italian and Thai and French and…. Hmmm.  Are you judging me? Do you think that’s too much foodie love? Yes?

Well. I really love food. I think food has been elevated to the showbizzy heights of reality TV… or else it’s something that a lot of people feel guilty about loving. It’s sort of Dazzle or Denial.  We can watch it. Or master it from a technical point of view. But then we’re told to not eat it (or at least to eat it in certain calorie controlled portion sizes.) That’s so wrong.

I think we’re losing some of our joy for food.  It’s become a kind of guilty pleasure.  I think we are objectifying food, making it a weird commodity that is ‘owned’ by some and sold on to others in a kind of weird, rationed, controlled way.

Food doesn’t like that.  Food belongs to us all! Food wants to be enjoyed, prepared with love and eaten with relish (sometimes literally!)  Sometimes food doesn’t want to go on the telly, but it does in the hope that it can sway someone’s tricky view of it towards something more loving.

I think there’s so much crazy information out there about what to eat, when to eat it, how to eat it, what to eat it with that some of us just grab a carrot stick and crunch perplexedly.  I’m here to say let’s not do that.  Let’s just eat the things we love (like these awesome Japanese dinners), do lots of incidental exercise, drink a good amount of water each day, be kind to the people in our life, do the things we love more often and get plenty of sleep.

See, that is what you get in a JustB foodie post.  You get the rad recipes… and you get a bit of chatter about life too. We’re good like that.  Here are Eleven Delicious Japanese Dinners. Cook them with relish (not literally), eat them with joy and remember that food is our friend.

  • GourmetGirlfriend

    totes awesome words & thoughts & recipes Pip.
    so on the same page with you.

    • Pip Lincolne

      Thanks GG! Viva La Food! x

  • kara

    So well said Pip,with you 100%

  • Rachel Patricia

    Yay – Japanese for lunch today. Bento Box Lunch Special here I come!!!

    No such thing as too much foodie love. Or maybe there is – I do roll my eyes when contestants of a certain cooking competition bang on a bit too much about it all and when they have a little cry over their creme anglaise or jus or whatever. Sometimes, it’s just not that serious. I don’t like it when people are pretentious about food – this is pretty funny

    I find it difficult to strike a balance between eating what I love and eating for health. I had a massive health kick last year and lost 30 kg (gold star for me!). In doing so I completely changed my eating habits. After being so disciplined I had a three month period of just eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted to – and also too much junkie stuff; I rebelled against myself and went too far the wrong way. Right now I am trying to get some balance back because I really do think that you should be able to eat what you love. It’s good for your soul I reckon. And balance is what it’s all about, right??

    My favourite list is probs Lebanese, Italian, Japanese, Indian, Thai, Greek and Mexican.

  • Rachel Stockton

    Pip thanx for putting things up that I find interesting that relates to me! Thank you

  • Mrs_Kan

    okay.. NOM