Food: Eleven Cakes To Share With Friends

What are you doing this weekend? Maybe it’s a good weekend to bake? I really think it is.

When I was a kid, my grandmother lived with us for a while. This meant arriving home from school to the smell of something fresh-baked for afternoon tea. Maybe it was lamingtons (she’s SO good at lamingtons!) Maybe it was jelly cakes. Perhaps fairy cakes or chocolate cake, even.

The expectation made the walk home much faster. And the arrival was all about big hugs and big slices. What could be better than that?

The weird thing is, my kids aren’t really INTO cakes. They’re totally the savoury brigade and with the exception of brownies and chocolate cake, they can take cake or leave it.  This is not  necessarily a bad thing. It means we’re a bit of a sweets free house.  You’ll find corn chips and rice crackers and wasabi peas and cheese… but there’s not much lurking in the cake department.

Sometimes I make a cake JUST for my boyfriend and me. There’s no point missing out ALL the time, right?  Maybe you want to make yourself a cake too? Here’s eleven ways to do that. You’re welcome!

Food: Eleven Cakes To Share With Friends
Food: Eleven Cakes To Share With Friends

What’s your cake favourite?

x Pip

  • Reannon Hope

    My kids are totally into cake but mainly just chocolate cakes which is a bit frustrating because I love ALL cake but it seems pointless to just make a cake for me…maybe a bit unhealthy too ;)