Seeking Inspiration: Hailey Bartholomew

This is part of a series on JustB about women who inspire, motivate and challenge us.
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A favourite inspiring lady: Hailey Bartholomew
Her work: Hailey is a photographer, teacher, blogger and author
Lives: Queensland
The things I love most about this person: Her passion, energy, sweetness and focus
Notable achievements: Award winning films, wonderful books, great commercial work and lovely family
My takeaway: Grab hold of the goodness and opportunities in your life
Something great she said: “Now I feel like the richest person I know. I am the richest because I can see what I have, and I already have everything that I have been looking for.”

Hailey Bartholomew is the kind of person who just gets up and makes it happen. She follows her heart and passions, ticks off her dreams as she goes and takes her family along for the ride. Or maybe they take her!

I suspect that Hailey’s always been a bit of a creative go-getter, but I know for a fact that once she had her two beautiful girls, Zali and Poppy, she had an artistic itch she just needed to scratch. She sprung into action, taught herself some new skills, asked for help when she needed it, pushed on and ended up with an award winning film on her hands. Shazam!

She’s gone on to make other films (like this amazingly poignant one) and continued her photography journey too (how great are these photos Hailey took for the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation?!) She’s written some books with her family and shares her skills via speaking and teaching opportunities. What’s not to love about that?

But that’s not all. Hailey turns little sparks of ideas into big inspiring movements which bring people together. She’s looking for hearts at the moment and she’s pretty sure we could all be finding ways to appreciate life more often (with big rewards!)

I love Hailey because she’s always so busily making things happen, making life interesting and making sure her family are right there with her. You just can’t NOT be influenced by her work and energetic, clever approach to life.

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x Pip


Top image by Hailey


  • Deb Baker

    I just love women like Hailey (and you too Pip for that matter!). I suffer badly from procrastination (always with excuses of family and no time) and so am inspired by women who just get in and get it done without the excuses! So admirable. Thanks so much for sharing your love of Hailey – I love her too now.

  • Tess Carrad

    Hayley is such an inspiration.
    I heard her speak at Voices of 2013 in Sydney. It was so wonderful.