Life : Five Fresh Friday Night Cocktail Ideas

We don’t like to condone the excessive consumption of alcohol in any way, shape or form. But we really think it’s totally a-okay to have a cocktail or two on a Friday night and shoot the breeze with some people you like.  There’s something unhealthily refreshing about marking the end of the conventional work week, about drawing a line between week day and week’s end.

Maybe you have a rusty repertoire in the cocktail department? Maybe you lie awake at night wondering if perhaps you’re missing out?  Maybe you’re desperately in NEED of some fresh ideas, some fresh lime, some fresh ice, someone fresh?

Here’s five good cocktail ideas for tonight. Or any other night. Bookmark this page for when you’re feeling fresh.

{Apple, Ginger and Cranberry Vodka Cocktail via What Katie Ate}

{Grapefruit Soda Cocktail via The Pastry Affair}

{The Rosebud Watermelon Cocktail via Kitchen Konfidence}

{The Honey Badger via Design Love Fest}

{Cider Rum Punch via Verses From My Kitchen}

Cheers! Here’s looking up your kilt! Chin chin! Etc.

  • Jo

    Who styled these photos? Just gorgeous! I haven’t even clicked through to the yummy drinkies yet and I’m drooling!