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Did you know that JustB has an Instagram account? Well, we do! It’s a fluffy fledgling at this stage, but we’re going to incubate it carefully and make it into something special! You can follow us at justbaustralia

Perhaps you have an Instagram account too? Perhaps you are as addicted as we all are?! In case you don’t know about Instagram, it’s a photo sharing app.  You download it to your smartphone, create an account, snap photos, edit them and then share them with your network.  Simple, no?!

Instagram MAY seem like a clicky waste of time to some, but it’s actually turning digital photography on its head, ensuring that people think creatively and publish images frequently and rapidly.  In the early days of digital photography (or even a short couple of year ago) we’d snap our shots and save them to our computers and that would be the end of it. They’d often never get to see the light of day. Instagram has turned that upside down, encouraging us to document ours special moments on a daily basis and share them with our friends (or the world) in an instant.  I guess it’s a lot like the advent of the Polaroid back in the 1970s, although Instagram is much more far-reaching and shareable than Polaroids ever were.

In this new age of Instagrammies, there are some real leaders in the field.  There are some people who are taking Instagram to a whole new level of excellence and sharing their knowledge/tips/photos freely, too.

Some Of Our Favourite Instagrammers ::

  • Fat Mum Slim : fatmumslim : From the blog of the same name, Chantelle leads the field in Instagram tips and tricks and takes really great photos. She also founded the Fat Mum Slim version of Photo A Day. Nip over to join up for May Photo A Day to develop a daily creative habit!
  • Foxs Lane : foxslane : Kate and her family run Daylesford Organics in Victoria and you can follow their delicious, crafty, family life on Instagram. Kate has a blog too.
  • Greg Briggs : gregbriggs : Mr Briggs takes iphoneography (that is TOO a word) to a whole new level, snapping amazing pics and stolen moments on the streets of Melbourne and beyond.
  • Gourmet Girlfriend : gourmetgirlfriend : (from the blog of the same name, also.  Lovely foodie photos and family skylarking to inspire your cooking and life embracing adventures!
  • Kootoyoo : kootoyoo : (again from the blog, Kootoyoo.)  Kirsty’s a photography student and mumma and her photos are beautifully composed and always clever. If you’re looking for inspiration or a fresh point of view, Kirst’s your gal.
  • Meet Me at Mike’s : meetmeatmikes : this is MY instagram!  It’s rad and stuff. Kind of.  I’d love to meet you over there!!

fatmumslim : on Instagram

gregbriggs : on Instagram

foxslane : on Instagram

gourmetgirlfriend : on Instagram

kootoyoo : on Instagram

meetmeatmikes : on Instagram

And if all that’s not enough Instagram inspiration for you, I’ve compiled a little selection of great things you can do with your Instagram photos. It’s very cool to share them with your network digitally, but it’s even better if you also print the out and find ways to look at them every day, too!

Eleven Ace Ways To Bring Instagram Into Your Life
Eleven Ace Ways To Bring Instagram Into Your Life

Are you on Instagram? Why don’t you leave your username in the comments so we can follow you?!

  • Franklyfeisty

    YAy Ms Pip. Love instagram for catching those fleeting moments and stuff and things and sharing them visually. Mine is @mbcontessa, I think!?

    • Pip @ JustB

      I think that IS your username, Michele! Thank you! Are you off to Women of Letters today, I wonder? x

      • Franklyfeisty

        Ooo just saw this! No WOL for us today, sadly. We’ve had a LOT going on around these parts the last couple of weeks. HUGEMONGOUS roller coaster ride. So this weekend has been all about the collapsing and relaxing x ❤

  • Veggie Mama

    I love foxslane!

    • Pip @ JustB

      ME toooooo! Kate is the best! x

    • GourmetGirlfriend

      me too <3

    • Kate@foxslane

      Ohmygoodness you guys, you’ve made me cry.
      Love you all right back. xx

      • Pip @ JustB

        We lub ya! x

  • Pamii

    Pretty sure I’m addicted to Instagram, unashamedly. My user name is @pamii_jayne

    • Pip @ JustB

      Pleased to meet you, Pamii! x

  • Sarah L

    What a great post to be reading on a Sunday morning in bed with my coffee, thanks Pip :) @nanaslogan

    • Pip @ JustB

      Oh you are welcome! Stay cozy! x

  • Alyson Hill

    Love the way instagram has reminded me to stop, look around me and breathe. I’m shocked how often I seem to forget to. @alhill40

    • Pip @ JustB

      Let’s follow each other! (It IS good to look around and see the beauty, isn’t it?!) x

  • se7en

    Oh so loving to find new folks to follow – thanks for the great post!!! We take photos in and around our day at se7en_hoods… Hope you are having a fun weekend!!!

    • Pip @ JustB

      Your hood sounds good to me!! x

  • Reannon Hope

    I’m obsessed with Instagram, love it!!!

    I’ve been doing Fat Mum Slims photo challenges all year. It’s been so much fun & I’ve met ( not really but you know, we talk via comments ) so many nice people & talk food & gardening & puppies & all sorts of fun stuff with them.

    I follow all your suggested peeps except Greg so I’ll check him out! Thanks for following me too xx

  • kootoyoo

    Greg Briggs is hands down the very best!
    Thank you for including me. xx

    • Pip @ JustB

      I am a HUGE fan of Mr Briggs!!! (I am a huge fan of kootoyoo, too!) x

  • GourmetGirlfriend

    Hello my name is GourmetGirlfriend and I am addicted to Instagram.
    I LOVE it!
    I spend a LOT fo time there.
    i’m a visual kinda gal.
    I love looking at what other people ‘see’ and love that it is different to what I see.
    Thanks for the InstaLove JustB.

    • Pip @ JustB

      We love your Instagram, GG! x

  • leecej

    oooer, new people to follow, lovely! @leecej

  • Elizabeth

    Thank you for sharing my review of Instagram stickers in your article, Pip! I’ve been using them a lot in my paper journals and other crafty projects, and really recommend them.

    (I’m “scarletwords” on Instagram. Come say hello!)

    • Pip @ JustB

      Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth!! xx

  • Kate@foxslane

    Totally and hopelessly and completely addicted to the IG here too.
    Loving your B feed.
    And loving that your fav’s are my fav’s too.
    Thanks for including me.

    • Pip @ JustB

      Oh you are a total fave Kate!! x

  • Louise Stewart

    These are great! Thanks for sharing :) xo @sunsetstudies

  • Zoey @ Good Googs

    I love how you can recognise people by their style of instagram photos. And I play a game when I get a like notification to see if I can guess what photo they have liked to see how well I know my fellow instagrammers. Yes, I spend too much time on instagram.

    My username is goodgoogs. For EVERYTHING including instagram, except youtube, some Russian is impersonating me.

  • Lou@Littlegreenshed

    I am new to Instagram only this week, and I LOVE IT! I am Littlegreenshed… come and check out my photos! xx

  • Wendy Buckley

    OOH! Thanks for the suggestions ; ) I’m @wendybuckley xx

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  • Dimity

    I Loooooved this post! Thanks so much for it! I’m dimitystitches and love following both your accounts :)

  • IndyFreelove

    Very very cool :) @IndyFreelove

  • Raynor

    As if being addicted to Instagram is not enough, I’m addicted to cat pics on Instagram. One of my most used (and most followed) hashtags on there is #catstagram. Geesh. I have a problem.

    • Pip @ JustB

      Aw Raynor! That is so cute! x

  • mollie

    I spent a good part of my evening last night drooling over your suggested instagrammers.. especially foxslane.. inspiring stuff! Gonna try & give May photo a day a crack now.. if I can work out how it all works! Not much to look at yet but I’m molliekerby :-)

  • Sally Carole Flynn

    I made a big poster for my husband – our first wedding anniversary! Thanks for the tips!

  • Lottie Storey

    Hello! I’m @oysterpots – Instagram is my favourite waste of time. Just followed all your suggestions :)

  • Katie

    absolutley beautiful is this website & all of the photos above. @katierosed. X

  • @jettgold

    Absolutely love it!! Loving fatmumslim’s photo a day challenges. Just finished April and loving May already! @jettgold

  • JuliaPValentine

    Um, hi, my name is Julia and I am an instagram addict, too. I let my inner cat lady run free on igram. #catsofinstagram, love u. Thank you so much for this post … I clicked (from Marla Meredith’s pinterest board called “instagram by Marla”) to see the things you can do with photos, but stayed for your great suggestions of great folks to follow … and your blog!
    I am @juliapv on igram. pics of landscapes, sky (love #cloudporn), food, and, yes, kitties. :)

  • kerry

    i love the stickerbooks! i am going to send some to my niece! i only recently got an iphone and am going a bit mad with instagram…my username is somethingaboutkerry :: seeya!

  • Junior Gonzales


  • Dina


  • Keely Day

    I am a 2-day-old brand-spanking instagram newbie! I am missclickclack