Home: Eleven Inspiring Rooms To Swoon Over

How is your place looking? Mine’s a little rough around the edges due to busy times and lack of energy. Le sigh. It’s not good.

Messy house staring you in the face?  We all know there’s only one solution for a problem like this. Yep. No point moping about looking at the mess or disorder. Nope. What you really need to do is take action. Get up. Take the first step to a nicer, neater home. It’s time to LOOK AT PICTURES OF NEAT HOMES on the internet!

Granted this virtual voyeurism probably won’t make your place look any cuter right now. But the inspiration you gather from turning a blind eye to the current real-life mess and tripping about to cute spaces on the net is immeasurable.

Maybe you will get so inspired you will clean your whole house? Or maybe you’ll get a little it inspired and pick up that blanket that’s fallen on the floor, placing it artfully across the arm of your sofa. Nice.  Don’t wear yourself out. Inspiration takes concentration and can be very exhausting.  Proceed with caution!

Home: Eleven Inspiring Rooms To Swoon Over
Home: Eleven Inspiring Rooms To Swoon Over

(I'm in love with this kitchen. It's in original vintage condition. Found at Keltainen talo rannalla: Museossa ja muualla)

Do you have a favourite amongst these rooms?  Are you feeling inspired?  Or exhausted?!
x Pip
  • http://www.facebook.com/ziggizoo Renee Lewis

    i love these pictures do you know who the artist is??