Home: Eleven Inspiring Gallery Walls

Have you been to a gallery of late? I’ve been to a few. It’s totally a great idea. It’s like transporting yourself into a world of colour and interesting dogs and ladies with ruffs and fabulous texture and pattern. This is sounding great already, right?

Still, you don’t HAVE to go to a gallery to drink in a variety of fabulous artworks. Perhaps you are  too lazy? Or maybe you are too cold (esp if you live in Melbourne). You might have an aversion to religious art and avoid galleries because of this? Or maybe you have been banned from your local art gallery for taking photos of ancient masterpieces or running naughty children through the corridors? All is not lost.

You can create your very own gallery at home on your very own wall. Granted it might be a little ruff-deficient, but you could hang all manner of vintage prints, DIY artworks, posters tapestries and wall hangings. You can fashion your very own Louvre and smugly drink it in from the comfort of your sofa. With your feet on the coffee table, even. Here’s some inspiration:

  • http://ducklovesrooster.blogspot.com.au/ Georgina Clarke

    This made me laugh. Great intro! I’m hanging (get it?!) to create a gallery wall but just not enough space in our teeny tiny one bed rental. Waiting to buy and 3M the bejesus out of my own wall…

    • Pip Lincolne

      I am SO glad I made you laugh. It plays very well into my belief that I can be funny! 3M the crap outta your life, lady pants! xx

  • JessB

    You are so funny Pip, that intro was great!

    • Pip Lincolne

      Naw! THANK YOU I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  • http://planettreasures.blogspot.com.au/ Tess Carrad

    hehe! you are a funny one Pip : )
    And I thank you for this post – it’s given me some great ideas for our new home which will be mainly windows and few walls. I was thinking I’d have to get rid of many of my pictures – but I think this could work.

    • Pip Lincolne

      Sounds like a gallery wall could be JUST the thing you need! xx

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