Home: Eleven Cute Floral Rooms

How about floral? As much as I like to associate floral with my Nanna (I’m thinking fake flowers on the window sill, flowery armchairs, glittery birthday cards covered in roses), floral is not just for grandmas! Floral is for all, I declare!

As we head into the cooler months, it seems like the very best idea to create our own little paradise inside. Pops of florally colour seem like the perfect way to do this.  Maybe you want to invest in a couple of flowery feature chairs? Or perhaps you might gather up some vintage floral prints? Or you could get super cosy with floral linen on your bed… or some floral pillows on your couch? Does that seem like a good idea to you, too?

If all those perhapses are too much bother for you, you could always save your glass jars and resolve to have sweet sprigs of flowers in a few rooms at your place.  If you don’t have a garden, you could sneakily nick some as you walk around your neighbourhood. I promise I won’t tell…

Here’s eleven ways to floral….

Home: Eleven Cute Floral Rooms
Home: Eleven Cute Floral Rooms
  • http://www.breathelighter.wordpress.com/ Debra Fetterly

    Very bold patterns in those florals! I can’t imagine I’d feel anything but happy in those rooms! :-)

  • darsha

    oh my gosh that’s my table i found at the markets.. any idea of its origins?

    • http://www.justbaustralia.com.au/ Pip @ JustB

      Which image is it, Darsha? I will find out! x

  • http://www.recycledinteriors.org/ Helen Edwards

    adoreness, love love love floral! :)