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For a while there, there was a terrarium glut on the internet. It was quite the damp catastrophe. They had to get a special broom to sweep all the potting mix and little pebbles out of the wires and things, such was the proliferation of terrarium online.  Some people were without internet for days, only to discover that their connection had been broken by a tiny dinosaur or stray plastic toadstool. As you can imagine, it was quite alarming for those involved.

Thankfully, the indoor garden has diversified a wee bit since The Great Terrarium Glut of 2012. We’re still embracing the garden in a jar, of course, but we’re also sidling up, green-thumbed style, to hanging plants, plants in tins, plants in drawers and other such cleverness.

And it’s not just tiny dinosaurs taking pride of place in this new wave of gardening.  Macrame, found objects and repurposed wooden things are at the forefront of this mini revolution.

Click through to see what I mean and gather some bright, green ideas of your own!

Home: Eleven Creative Indoor Gardens
Home: Eleven Creative Indoor Gardens

Cute doily hanging planter via bohemiangardens

Have you ever made a terrarium?

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