Food: Ten Giftworthy ‘Recipe In A Jar’ Ideas


How good is a recipe in a jar? I think it’s really good.  It’s the kind of convenience food I’m into and these mixes are perfect for the baker, sweet tooth or wanna be baker in your life.  Gift jars are a super great way to make a whole lot of gifts at once, and these recipes are especially delicious and useful (totally NOT destined for the darkest corner of the pantry!)

Scroll down a wee bit for links to jars, ribbon and labels, in case you want to fancy up your jar. I think you should!

Ten ‘Recipe In A Jar’ Mixes

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bread Mix
Homemade Pancake Mix 
Hot Cocoa Mix (with Marshmallows!)
Chai Tea Mix 
Simple Cake Mix
Cute Cowgirl Cookies
Chocolate Brownie Mix 
Vanilla Sugar
Apple Crumble Mix
No-Knead Multigrain Bread Mix

And a Guide To Crafty Supplies:

Where to get the jars, I hear you ask!  You can use recycled jars, of course! Or you can visit your local op-shop and buy jars there. Major supermarkets have those nice jars with the gold lids in their kitchenware/bottling aisle.

These eBay sellers have nice jars too:
Ozfarmer Warehouse
Mushroom Grow, Supplies and Kits
OR you can try The Redback Trading Company for a huge range of fancy jars.

If you’re looking for cute fabric: try Kelani or Spotlight or even eBay
If you’re looking for cute labels: download and print some at World Label
If you’re looking for cute ribbon: try Ribbons Galore

Don’t you want to make things in jars?!  (These would make great party favors, wedding favors or teacher’s gifts too!)

xx Pip

(Coloured Mason Jars via here)


Bookmarking projects for a #handmadechristmas


    Awesome! Looks like my Christmas presents are sorted!!!

    • Pip @ JustB

      Oh YAY! Nice work!! x

  • Elaine Bainbridge

    What a lovely idea to have a supply in the cupboard so if any unexpected guests arrive, hey presto a gift

    • Pip @ JustB

      Now THAT is smart thinking! How sweet! x

  • Elsp

    What size of jar should I be looking to buy? I’m terrible at guessing the sizes that I need!

    • Pip @ JustB

      I think if depends what project you are making, Elsp. Which do you think you would like to try? x

      • Elsp

        I was going to try the cowgirl cookies and the hot chocolate for Christmas pressies :)

  • GourmetGirlfriend

    so so cool!
    i think I might get my kids to do this for other kids bday presents!

  • Chanee

    What I love about these ideas is the creativity behind them. The best gift ideas are always the creative/handmade ones. They don’t have to cost a lot but are definitely more remembered and appreciated than just another bottle of wine or silly dish. I will definitely be referring back to this handy guide. Thanks, Pip!

  • Maree Whitehead

    Such a Great idea. What size jars would you need for the cowgirl
    Cookies and the simple cake mix?

  • Ayla Flickinger

    Does anybody have the link or recipe for the Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix? The link isn’t working for me and I cant find that post on the website link. Would love to do this as christmas favors

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  • Emily Macdonald

    how many ingredients can u put in a jar or does matter? just wondering