Creative: Eleven Adorable Paint Dipped Things

I’m not normally one to get too excited about a trend.  I do what I like as far as “fashion” goes and when it comes to decorating I KNOW what I like and don’t read interiors mags and frankly only check The Age to see what Mike and Heather have been up to in the studio.  BUT this whole dip dye/paint and ombre trend is really floating my boat.

We are moving into the new ranch in just under two months.  There’s no budget for decorating and I’ve dubbed the place “the house of fun”.  No surface, wall, window furnishing or floor will be safe!  I plan on dipping everything I can lay my hands on in paint.  I’m super keen to get my hands on the white silk curtains too.

The whole notion of the dipping in paint or dye really suits my have a crack style.  I’m obviously not the only one.  Most of today’s featured projects share generously the instructions for the achieving the look yourself.  Hip hooray for that I say.

Are you itching to dip some stuff too?  Do you think that paint is the way to go or are you more for the ombre dye style?