Creative: Eleven Adorable Craft Projects

I think I could be the number one contender when it comes to authoring a book called ’101 Reasons Why You Should Get Crafty’.  I like to immerse myself in a crafty life, gathering creative bits and bobs like a handmade magpie and putting them together in ways that are, at the very least, pleasing to MY eye.

I’m going to come across all Oprah-ish now, but craft is as much about the process as the end result, if not MORE.  The journey, people, the JOURNEY!

Choosing or designing a project, selecting materials, putting things together in terms of colour, texture and fit, crafty rhythms… they all come together in a special way with rewarding results and plenty of feel-good. Not only that, but the sense of satisfaction you get from gaining or using creative skills and watching a project grow or be completed, can not be beaten!

Perhaps all this crafty pep-talk-ery has got you in the mood to make? Perhaps you want to crack out the scissors, sewing machine, yarn or glue?  I’m here to be your glittery facilitator. I’ve chosen eleven varied projects for you to consider.  Get amongst it and feel the awesome power that is MAKING STUFF!

Creative: Eleven Adorable Craft Projects
Creative: Eleven Adorable Craft Projects

Have you made something lately? Why don’t you show us in the comments section?! Link away, or upload a photo even?

x Pip

  • PurpleRainie

    These are all so adorable but my fave is the pom pom birdie. Two of my fave things together :)

  • Jen

    Thanks for the DIY LLLOVE! ;) <3 Jen & Jess {Linen, Lace, & Love}