Creative: DIY Neon Pop Necklace

We all have at least one or two outdated pieces of costume jewellery sitting un-loved and un-worn in the bottom of out jewellery drawer. Not valuable, but expensive enough that you are reluctant to get rid of them altogether. I’ve been holding onto this necklace for years because I bought it in New York and it reminds me of my trip there, but unfortunately I’ve only worn it once as it just didn’t suit my style.  It was time for a colourful makeover!


You may already have everything you need for this project, but the new trend for super bright nail polish means you can pick up a whole rainbow of colours for only a few dollars.

Make A Neon-Pop Necklace
You will need: 
An outdated piece of costume jewellery (make sure it isn’t valuable)
Brightly coloured nail polish in assorted colours
Paper to protect your work surface

How to make it:
It’s best to work in a well ventilated space as nail polish fumes can be quite strong.

Lay some paper out to protect your work surface.
Decide on your colour combination and carefully paint several thin layers of polish onto the piece – allow to dry in between layers.
It may take up to 3 coats of polish to get a good coverage.
Allow to dry overnight before wearing.


Why not make a few in different colours to add a pop of colour to your Spring outfits?!  Do you want to make your own Neon-Pop Necklace?!


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  • zigsma

    Brilliant idea!!

    • Pip @ JustB

      Super clever, no?! Go Cintia! x

      • Cintia :: My Poppet

        Aw! you guys *blush*