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Did you know that today is my creative space day? We play my creative space over here each week and it’s a really great way to keep creatively motivated.

Having something to share each week (and during the week for that matter via twitter and instagram using the hashtag #mycreativespace so that we can keep up) has always been easy for me. I’m absolutely all about the process and I like to encourage the makers or bakers or thinkers or picture takers among us to enjoy every step of the process too. That is exactly why I started #mycreativespace in the first place.

If you approach your creative self/side in this way then the finished somethings become less important.

I finished off the crochet lamp frame during the week and I’ve just gone back through my instagram feed to find how many times I’d shared images along the way. For this project it was five. That’s quite a lot for a really simple project … just tying knots around a wire frame. Check out my “walk through” …

Step 1
Step 1
I happened upon the materials at Bunnings. It's Builder's Twine.

We would love to have you guys play along with #mycreativespace. You’re welcome to joing the fun here OR just share via instagram or twitter using the hashtag #mycreativespace.

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  • Reannon Hope

    I adore that lamp Kirsty! So simple. So pretty.

    • kootoyoo

      Thanks Reannon. I loved making it & Heather loves it so that’s a double thumbs up. x

  • Alex Brooks


    • kootoyoo

      Why thank you!

  • GourmetGirlfriend

    you are super ace Kirst

    • kootoyoo

      Right back at you Gourmet. x