Creative: A Month Of Moments

Are you looking for a cute, creative project for this fresh new year? You’ve come to the right place!

Each month on JustB we have #amonthof project.  We spend the whole month posting to a creative theme. Some people take photos, some people write stuff, some people just post little status updates.  Lots of people join in and it’s become a really great community.

This month, for January, our theme is A Month Of Moments.  There are daily prompts (below), but you don’t have to join in each day. We’re a bit free and easy like that. Just join in when you want to, as often as you like!

You can join the A Month Of Facebook group if you’d like to share your posts or chat with other people who are playing along.


How to play:
Download the list of prompts or bookmark this post.
If you want to be part of the Facebook A Month Of group, click here and ask to join. Everyone is welcome.
If you’d like to play along sans Facebook, leave us a comment below, so that we know you are along for the ride!
Interpret the prompts in your own way, and post in your fave place (blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…. wherever!)
Use each daily prompt, or just use the ones you like the most when their day comes along (eg – maybe you just want to wait for January 24 and post something ‘happy’!)
Use the hashtag #amonthof if you would like to!  
That’s it! 


Would you like to join in?

x Pip