Craft : Eleven Creative Papery Projects

Hello! How was your weekend? I stayed in, mostly, and watched Season 2 of Parenthood on DVD (I really LIKE that show, it’s like a modern-day Waltons!) I also made a big noodle salad, drank lots of tea, hung out with my kids and did some crafting, too.

Are you into doing crafty stuff? It’s a really good way to get in touch with your inner artist/kindergartener, and it’s super relaxing if you do it right.  There’s something great about creating something, especially if it is something useful that you can gift to someone or show off at your place.

I’m into making woolly things (as in crochet), but perhaps you want something a bit quicker in your crafty box of tricks? I think these papery projects might be just the thing.  Have a click-through and see if there’s something that ignites that crafty spark. (And DO beware of the dreaded paper cut, won’t you?!)

The top image, Crepe Paper Pomanders is via The House Of Smiths

  • Julie

    Ooh – lovin’ the aeroplanes! Might just have to give that a go! We are a family of bike and plane lovers so it would fit in so perfectly. Not much of a horsey person but I reckon they look pretty spesh too :)

    I tried my hand at my very first (and possibly last!) papercut (not the ouchy kind!) last week. Even blogged it this morning – you can check it out here if you like It was reallllly hard work – I have a renewed respect for paper artists!

    Thanks for the share – I can see many more unfinished projects in my future ;)

  • Ruth

    I really want to make a noodle salad now! What was your recipe Pip?!

  • Maxabella

    I can just imagine my husbie’s face when presented with a massive ‘I’m so happy to be married to you’ medallion. A ‘WTF? face’ springs to mind. The effort will be well worth it… x

    • Pip @ JustB

      Oh DUDE! Ya gotta do it! Yes! x

  • PCEBms8xcy

    i am going def make the pom pom chandelier

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