Blog World Tour: England

Our Voices of 2013 blogging program has been rolling along all year. (Thanks to our sponsor, Ford Australia!) I’ve found some super great new-to-me Australian blogs along the way and added fresh fodder to my RSS reader. Perhaps you have done that too?

The good thing about Voices is that we sometimes get to trip about across the globe to other NON-Australian blogs of note. Today we are doing just that. We’re heading to ENGLAND to the lovely Knitting On Trains. I have been reading this blog for quite a while and I think you should read it too! Perhaps you already do?


Cute Crocheted Baubles by Greedy For Colour c/- Knitting on Trains


Blog: Knitting On Trains by Jess
Origin: England
Established: October 2010

A bit about the blog

Knitting On Trains is about all the things I love (that’s obvious, because I go there A LOT!) Craft, vintage, food, tripping about, you will find it all here on Jess’s blog.

Some blogs focus really heavily on products, but this lovely blog is all about being thrifty, making things, getting cosy and happy at home and generally living a sweet, creative life.

Jess takes really great photos of really ace things. She goes about her life in a thoughtful, pretty, frugal way…  Basically, you should totally visit her often. Go on!


Some favourite posts:

Madrid Eating Part One: here
Semolina, Coconut and Marmalade Cake: here
Where To Find Cheap (And Free) Craft Supplies: here
What To Do With Your Homegrown Herbs: here
The Frugal Cook: here


x Pip

All images are by Jess of Knitting On Trains


  • Helen

    Thanks for sharing, I love finding new fun blogs to read

    I’m fairly sure that the third picture of crocheted baubles is from “Greedy for Colour” though, maybe she’d linked to it?

    • Pip Lincolne

      Ah! You are spot on! Will add an extra attribution! Good pick up, Helen! Thanks!

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    such a lovely blog

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